Hurensöhne - Ein Requiem

Germany 2020 \ 68 minutes \ Madonnenwerk

Written and directed by Christina Friedrich Director of photography Jana Pape Cast Julischka Eichel, Franz Liebig, Manuel Klein, Gina Haller, Alois Reinhardt, Alexandra Lukas, Roland Bonjour, Claudio Gatzke, Godje Hansen, Deborah Kaufmann, Daniel Mutlu, Gitte Reppin, Ines Schiller Music composers Carel Christiaan Schulz, Henry Uhl Editors Jörg Volkmar, Marisol B. Lima, Christina Friedrich Costume designers Susanne Brendel, Katharina Grof, Lara Scherpinski Production designer Petra Maria Wirth Sound mixers Andreas Fertig, Christian Schunke Lighting designer Vitali Kirsch Gaffer Maik Uhlig Post production The Post Republic GmbH

War lives in the earth, the dead and spirits live in the woods. The prophet asks heaven for rain. Ashes cover the fields. The son returns from abroad. Silence in the country. The love is gone. Greed is law. An archaic murder. The dead souls move across the earth. Across a landscape that is beautiful and cruel. An archaic family drama. Myth, curse and burning present.

Funded by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Nordmedia, Werkleitz Gesellschaft.

Stills © Madonnenwerk

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