Alles (All of it) – Stage and costume design

A whole life in fast-forward. With ALLES (All of it), Alistair McDowall has created a text that literally follows the path of its protagonist from the cradle to the grave.
In this German premiere, the text comes to life in the backstage area of the State Theatre Cottbus.

Director: Rafael Ossami Saidy / Stage and Costume Designer: Susanne Brendel / Music: Simon Kluth / Dramaturg: Franziska Benack / with: Sophie Bock, Nathalie Schörken, Lucie Luise Thiede, Susann Thiede

Premiere: 26 January 2024, Stage Theatre Cottbus, Großes Haus (backstage)
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ECLAT beginners – a SPORT event

Going beyond borders and making discoveries with the ensemble SPORT at the ECLAT Festival neue Musik Stuttgart.

SPORT are: Rafael Ossami Saidy, Simon Kluth, Susanne Brendel

31 January - 04 February 2024, Theaterhaus Stuttgart and online
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The Color of Trees – Production design

Last year I did the production design of the short film Το χρώμα των δέντρων (The color of trees). It premiered this june at Bundesfestival junger Film und is now showing:

at Larnaca Biennale, Cyprus, 11 October - 24 November 2023
at 8th Congress of Young Europeans, Thessaloniki, 19 - 22 October

Written by: Linda Kokkores / Director: Marina Dumont-Anastassiadou / Cinematographer: Jan Wittkopp / Editor: Revan Sarikaya / Production Design: Susanne Brendel / Costume Design: Marie Rebscher / Hair and Make-up: Anastasia Boukli / Producer: Maximilian Köhler, Norwén Bodner / With: Myriam Sofia Artzanidou, Julie Héga, Natia Tsalugelashvili, Iliana Konstantinidou, Stergios Karavatos
A production by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH and Academy for the Performing Arts Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with SWR


vom Aufgang der Sonne – publication

publication now available online:

'vom Aufgang der Sonne' was created as a response to the 250th anniversary of Hegel’s birthday in 2020. The artist collective n.n.n. collective (Susanne Brendel, Jasmin Schädler, Julia Schäfer) used this opportunity to take a critical look at Hegel and his Philosophy of History. The publication focuses on perspectives that have been overwritten or made invisible by Hegel and his legacy.

A project by n.n.n. collective and InterAKT Initiative e.V. in cooperation with HuM-Collective.
Funded by Kulturamt der Stadt Stuttgart and Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg.
With kind support of LBBW-Stiftung and Kunstverein Wagenhalle.




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