vom Aufgang der Sonne

publication now available online:

'vom Aufgang der Sonne' was created as a response to the 250th anniversary of Hegel’s birthday in 2020. The artist collective n.n.n. collective (Susanne Brendel, Jasmin Schädler, Julia Schäfer) used this opportunity to take a critical look at Hegel and his Philosophy of History. The publication focuses on perspectives that have been overwritten or made invisible by Hegel and his legacy. 

A project by n.n.n. collective and InterAKT Initiative e.V. in cooperation with HuM-Collective.
Funded by Kulturamt der Stadt Stuttgart and Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg.
With kind support of LBBW-Stiftung and Kunstverein Wagenhalle.

Stresstest (UA)

Full video now online:

A project by 2018-2021 fellows of Akademie Musiktheater heute by Deutsche Bank Stiftung.
Premiere: 26.11.2021, Frankfurt LAB

Directors: Gabrielė Bakšytė, Philipp Lossau, Anika Rutkofsky
Composers: Alessandro Baticci, Patrick T. Schäfer, plus contrubutions by Saskia Bladt, Jesse Broekman, Diana Syrse, Manuel Zwerger
Set design and video: Susanne Brendel
Costume designer: Lara Scherpinski
Musical directors: Damian Ibn Salem, Marc Leroy-Calatayud
Singers: Harald Hieronymus Hein, Alina Huppertz, Frederike Schulten
Dramaturgs: Franziska Betz, Dorothee Harpain
Cultural managers: Leonora Scheib, Valerian Geiger

Feinstoff (UA)

Still running. Tickets:

Director: Rafael Ossami Saidy
Text: Lars Werner
Set and costume design: Susanne Brendel
Music: Simon Kluth
Dramaturg: Ana Edroso Stroebe

Premiere: 03.12.2021, State Theater Cottbus


9 Übungen

A nine-part video series by Rafael Ossami Saidy, Simon Kluth and Susanne Brendel.
Part of the project „Fehlt Ihnen/Dir Schiller?“ by Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach.

Online on


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