Feinstoff – Four attempts with silk (UA)

2021 \ theatre play \ 1h 55min \ State Theatre Cottbus

Text Lars Werner Director Rafael Ossami Saidy  Set and costume designer Susanne Brendel Composer Simon Kluth  Dramaturg Ana Edroso Stroebe Assistant director Maya Ziehlke Cast Sophie Bock, Thomas Harms, Johannes Scheidweiler, Susann Thiede Voice recordings (Benny Marek) Markus Paul, (Millie) Emma Seeber, (Tua) Hannah Schurig, (Sal) Ole Dubrau Children Elisa Belka, Hannah Schurig, Jannik Meisel, Emil Krohn, Ole Dubrau, Raik Wolke

In the 18th century, Frederick II longed for Prussian produced silk. Some of the mulberry trees that have been planted for this purpose are still standing in Cottbus today. Weather conditions have however always complicated silk production. After a vulcano eruption put an end to the first attempt at silk, it was not until the 20th century, during the Third Reich, that mulberry trees grew again in the streets of Cottbus. This time to produce silk for paratroopers. The private cultivation of the trees and the production of silk continued until the GDR. Will one day the climate facilitate the Cottbus silk?

In Feinstoff, Dresden-born author Lars Werner tells four Cottbus stories that reach from the past to the distant future. The stageing of the play, directed by Rafael Ossami Saidy, weaves the layers of time like silken threads into a great whole, always focusing on those resistant people whom history has forgotten.

Images © Marlies Kross

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