2022 \ theatre installation \ panorama room of seminar house KAHH Hamburg

Produced and performed by SPORT (Susanne Brendel, Simon Kluth, Rafael Ossami Saidy) Guests Luise Catenhusen (Cornett, Paetzold Bass, recorders), Marian Heilmeyer (actor), Lil Paulin Heinecker (actress), Kara Leva (singer), Rodolpho Sagbo (dancer), Klara Schürg (speaker of tale), Pastor Sieghard Wilm der St. Pauli Kirche Hamburg (speech), Anicia Stehmeier (actress) Voice recordings Javad Aghchelou, Scarlett Dobczyk, Hatice Dörflinger, Marina Dumont, Joel Forsström, My Johansson, Linda Kokkores, Sangyeon Lee, Sichi Li, Lynn Scheidweiler, Radojka Šutić

KOLLAPS is a theatre installation in the panorama hall of a seminar house. Over the course of five hours, a protagonist is being shaken in his certainties. Unfamiliar characters are appearing and questioning his belief in principles and institutions, they rebuild the room around him, confront him with music, stories, films, dance. A transformed world is opening up in the seminar room. The audience is invited to enter, leave, return or stay whenever and as long as they want, move freely, and grab drinks at a bar.

KOLLAPS is the first episode of the three-part series blockparty (you are invited). More Information: ensemble-sport.de

Funded by Bezirksamt Hamburg-Mitte and Claussen-Simon-Stiftung, with friendly support by Tagungshaus KAHH.

Images © Priyanka Sarkar, Shahira Issa, Lukas Schupp

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